1967  Founding
 In Kanagawa Prefecture Police Fujisawa Police Station, with Captain Sasaki Aki as captain, Chief Fujisawa, prefectural assembly members, city councilors, doctors, citizens volunteers to volunteer Fujisawa salvation squadron. It was established.

1979 Establishment

The arbitrary group Fujisawa salvation squadron was renamed as the Kanagawa maritime rescue party.

1990 Captain substitution

Mr. Nobuta was appointed captain of the captain from the captain Mr. Sasaki and started activities with a new group organization. The spread and development of various kinds of general marine leisure rapidly advanced now, and along with this, marine accidents and troubles etc. also increased. Our group is engaged in advanced diving technology in Fujisawa City Enoshima Diving Training Area. We carried out the introduced salvage rescue and rescue exercises, and improved the diving skills of the men and secondary anti-disaster measures

1999 Authentication

In 1999, the organization received certification from a Kanagawa prefecture as a specified nonprofit organization. We established the Kanagawa Marine Rescue Team, a specified nonprofit corporation. Thanks to the certification, we have registered the Kanagawa Maritime Rescue Team with three directors, one auditor and 13 troops on April 16, 1999, to the Fujisawa Legal Affairs Bureau. After that, we conducted maritime safety patrols to prevent maritime accidents, marine floating garbage collection for marine environmental preservation, experiences of ordinary citizen's experience aboard, acceptance of junior high school students' work experience learning, cooperation at holding other group events.

2010 Certification

The organization, from February 12, 2010, approved by the Commissioner of the National Tax Agency as an accredited Specified Nonprofit Auganization.

2015 Certification

The organization was approved by the mayor of Yokohama on February 27, 2015 as a certified specified nonprofit corporation.